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Make Your Property PWD-Friendly With LU/LA Elevators

Limited Use / Limited Access Elevators - from Federal Elevator
Limited Use / Limited Access ( LULA ) elevators are designed for installation in existing public buildings where no vertical transportation currently exists.

Installation of a LULA elevator can be of value and provide accessibility in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act which requires public service offices to provide vertical transportation if there is no first floor public facility available.

LULAs are small commercial elevators, usually of the hole less hydraulic type and they are typically equipped with master door operation, fire emergency phase I & II operation and illuminated call buttons.

LULAs are limited to a rated load of 1400 pounds and a maximum of 18 square feet of inside platform area.

LULAs are far more cost effective and should be seriously considered, before standard commercial elevators, for installations in existing structures. LULA elevator equipment is far less expensive than standard commercial elevator equipment and the associated building requirements are reduced as well. As an example, LULAs can use 2x6 stud framing with Type "X" sheetrock in lieu of the required filled masonry block hoistway wall construction used by commercial elevators.

LULAs are governed by the Part 25 section of the Elevator Safety Code. This section governs their rated load, speed and minimum clearances. Because LULAs are intended for installation in existing buildings, there are many code allowances made which may permit the installation of LULAs in the majority of existing buildings.

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